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Books and Reports

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Chapter ‘Tackling Gender Inequality in Public Space: Sustainability in Governance and Design’
In Unfolding Dilemmas of
Urban Public Spaces

Maria Angeli and Emma Hill

Published September 2020

JPI Urban Europe

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Chapter ‘Multilingual Citizens, Multicultural Citizenship? Somali People’s Experiences of Language, Race and Belonging in Contemporary Scotland’
In Multilingualism and Politics: Revisiting Multilingual Citizenship

Emma Hill 

Published August 2020

Palgrave Macmillan

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Chapter ‘Ethnic Minorities and Political Citizenship in Scotland’
In The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

Nasar Meer and Emma Hill

Published August 2020

Oxford University Press

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Imprenditori senza frontiere. Le migrazioni come fattore di sviluppo
[Entrepreneurs without borders. Migration as a development factor]

Claudio Di Maio and Raffaele Torino

Published March 2020

Roma Tre-Press


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Over the next four years we will be running a series of ongoing engagement events and range of activities.

The current ‘migration crisis’ presents openings as well as challenges.

The aim of GLIMER is to generate research that will help European cities and regions facilitate the long term inclusion of displaced people in a way that remakes local spaces.