On the occasion of World Refugee Day (June 20), the GLIMER Team stands in solidarity with displaced people around the world and shares the insights from our researchers on ways to support and incorporate people seeking asylum and refuge.

Our briefings are based on theoretically informed but empirically grounded data through the research that was carried out in close collaboration with practitioners and refugees co-producing knowledge in five European cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Malmö, Calabria and Nicosia.

We especially celebrate World Refugee Day in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which has so cruelly impacted on refuge incorporation, and in ways we cannot yet fully understand. With a prolonged state of emergency, asylum seekers and refugees face additional entry restrictions, human rights violations, unemployment and social exclusion. It is therefore more urgent than ever to build on and learn from existing practices that care, support and succeed if we are to better develop sustainable approaches.

Our overarching policy briefs advise policy makers and stakeholders on how workable solutions can be found to integrate displaced migrants and refugees. The policy briefs present key findings and recommendations in asylum and refugee integration policies through accommodation, labour market access, language training and gendered dynamics.


20 June 2021



with refugees