Stakeholder Opinions

During our stakeholder roundtable in September 2018, we asked those who attended what they thought was the biggest challenge for the integration of refugees in Europe, and how they would approach that challenge.



Video Credit: Emma Hill

Visit to Mendicino

In September, we held our consortium meeting and stakeholder roundtable in Calabria, Italy. We hold these meetings every 6 months to allow the team to meet and discuss the project, and our research going forward. We also held a stakeholder roundtable, where we met with stakeholders to explore our current work package.

As part of our meeting, we visited the town of Mendicino, a town heavily involved in the Italian SPRAR system. There, we were given a tour of the town, and met many of the refugees who now live there and those who have helped integrate them into the town's community. You can see below the press that was generated from this visit.

Italian Newspaper September 2018

The current ‘migration crisis’ presents openings and well as challenges.

The aim of GLIMER is to generate research that will help European cities and regions facilitate the long term inclusion of displaced people in a way that remakes local spaces.