Our visit to SPRAR projects in Calabria – now at risk due to the ‘Salvini decree’

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In September, we held our second consortium meeting at the University of Calabria. As part of our meeting we visited local SPRAR (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) projects, and met those who work in, and benefit from them. In this blog, our Co-Investigator, Tim Peace, details our experience, and analyses the impact current government legislation is likely to have on these projects.

Serco evictions and asylum accommodation governance: The consequences of a reserved, neoliberal accommodation model for displaced migrants in Glasgow

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On 29 July 2018, private asylum accommodation provider, Serco, announced that with one day’s notice, they would be changing the locks on up 300 residences occupied by asylum seekers whose applications had been refused by the Home Office.  The decision has been met with shock and anger both by Glasgow City Council and by the third sector and community networks that support refugees in Glasgow.  Should the decision be implemented, there is potential for 300 vulnerable people to be both destitute and homeless on Glasgow’s streets.

Local States of Exception

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Nasar Meer, Emma Hill and Tim Peace ask why do migration policies fail?

Certainly they may be poorly designed and delivered, but amongst the reasons experts point to is that ‘success’ can be so politically unpalatable that few national level actors are willing to expend the political capital in pursuing them.